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A minimalist design cable organizer-BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer

A minimalist design cable organizer-BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer

October 19, 2017



When searching for an item that could help me organize my cables for my many objects I use on a regular basis there were a few things I needed. Simplicity, to be able to hold a 10 foot lightning charger cable, and to be able to hold my external USB charger. Searching through Amazon I came across the Bagsmart compact travel cable organizer. I liked its slim design, and color options which happened to match the daily backpack I was using at the time. When folded up the small leather strap has adjustable holes in case you decide to stuff this thing to the max, it will not be left wide open and be secured to make sure you do not lose anything within the organizer.

BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer

The quality of this little inexpensive item is honestly a shocker, and the designers of it thought of just about everything for ease of use, to storage capacity, to simplicity in design. The organizer folds out 3 ways into a longer item with plenty of space to hold cables. But not just hold cables, it also allows you to neatly charge items by separating each cable into its own pocket with a hole, fortified by light weight metal, so that you do not tangle up cables charging multiple items. The center of the organizer is a slot designed to hold a USB charger of 10,000mA or larger if needed, with a strong Velcro clasp to hold the charger in place. The coolest part about this, is that like the cable organizer, it has a slot on the bottom so you can charge anything, but also fold the organizer back up making everything neat and saving room in whatever you may carry this in.

BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer


The last side has a zipper pocket, which held my 10 foot lightning cable with ease, along with some USB flash drives and some camera batteries. I even stuck a pen in the small section between two of the sides. On top of the zipper compartment were 3 mesh, elastic sections for whatever I may need, possibly a microfiber cloth, or a camera lens cap, or maybe even a small note pad.

BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer

This item is honestly one of the most minimalist designs I have come across that also has everything in mind to be able to carry whatever you may need. I highly recommend it to any college student so that you do not lose anything, or you need to charge something between classes but cannot afford to lose travel time across campus by sitting near an outlet. Stuff this in your backpack or side bag and go. 10 out of 10 item in my own opinion, I am looking forward to purchasing more items from them in the future.

BAGSMART Compact Travel Cable Organizer

Compact Travel Cable Organizer

Provided by: Aaron Lukse

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